Learn English with CALLAN Method

Good news! We have specialised online classes. Pratiq was online when the whole world was shut down and will continue to do so for you! ​

Callan Method is a unique way to improve your spoken English in a lively and active environment where all students can improve their listening and speaking skills. It is FAST- FUN- EFFECTIVE way of learning English. The FUN, FAST Callan Method will really help you to learn the grammar structures and vocabulary needed to use in written or spoken English.


 No time to think and translate into your native language! You will be asked rapid questions and answers where the teacher starts your answers and helps you to answer throughout the lesson. You will begin and think directly in English ! This improves your confidence and speaking skills.


Develop excellent pronunciation ! Constant systematic correction of your mistakes by native English Speaking Callan accredited teachers make you a confident speaker. You will spark and listen for most of the lesson. Grammar, new vocabulary with phrases and idioms are taught and practiced each day!


Practice makes perfect! No need to worry If you do not remember everything the first time: there is a lot of revision. 

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Stage exams at the end of each book – written and oral

During a typical Callan Lesson, You practice all the skills! 

The lessons are focused on repetition and revision of grammatically correct sentences.

35 min revision

10 min reading

5 min dictation

Online cAllAn Course Options and Prices

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WhatsApp Image 2021-03-02 at 10.44.33

 10 hours per week / 1 Month



 10 hours per week / 3 Months



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       10 hours per week / 6 Months



      10 hours per week / 9 Months



       10 hours per week / 12 Months




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